Granite Countertop Restoration (Detailing)

Keep Your Countertops Looking New With Our Detailing Service

Whether you purchased your quartz or granite countertops directly from the fabricator or if they came with your home, your quartz and granite countertops are a major investment. Quartz and granite countertops can start to look hazy which is a result of  the accumulation of overly used products, oils, or just years of normal wear and tear. That’s when you need Granite Countertop Restoration.

Fix-It-granite-polishingMuch like a diamond ring that loses its luster, sparkle, and shine every so often you have it cleaned and polished, the same applies to granite (another expensive rock) countertops.

A lot of quartz and granite countertop damage is actually the result of poor fabrication and or installation but may not reveal itself until years later, this is why countertop inspections by a professional is so important.

Keep your countertops shining with countertop polishing from FixIt Countertops. We will make your countertops look like new again!